3 EASY and budget-friendly ways to ease into Fall decorating

If you’re like me and love Fall along with all of the décor and fashion staples that go along with it, you’re most likely itching to pull out the pumpkins, gourds, Autumn garlands, plaid throws, cable-knit everything and, well, you get my drift.

This time of year sparks a sort of nostalgia in me like none other.  The crisp morning air of late August with its heat of the still long days is a tease of what is to come in a few short weeks.  These last several weeks of hot and humid days prolong my full-on Fall, pumpkins galore decorating, until at least mid-September.  And while Fall is a favorite of mine, I’m never quite ready at this point to say goodbye to Summer.

That doesn’t mean though, that I can’t, and don’t ease my home into the oh so cozy state of Fall.  In this blog post I’m sharing some easy, seasonal appropriate ways to gradually add Autum-like flair to your home during these last dog days of Summer.  And the best part is, these tips aren’t just simple, but also quick and budget friendly.

Here in Va, the foliage subtly begins to turn shades of yellow, orange, red and brown in late August.  While the complete transition takes months, the beginning stages are such delightful hints of what’s to come.  This alone excites me and sparks that nostalgia I spoke of earlier. And so…..  I trim these beauties and bring them inside for a fresh Autumn bouquet to enjoy and help with the easing into Fall.  I’ve found over the years that trimming the branches at just the right time, before any have browned, will last for nearly 2 weeks with fresh water daily.  And by that time? Oh boy, we’re nearly halfway through September!  Now, it seems more pumpkin appropriate decorating time!


Fall Foliage Bouquet

Fall Foliage Bouquet

This year, I’m doing things a little differently here.  I’ve decided to focus less on the traditional pumpkin theme. Yes, it will be a bit of a struggle; if you haven’t noticed yet how much I love them by the number of times I’ve already used the P word in this post, let me tell you….. I adore those guys.  I will certainly still factor them into my displays throughout the house but I want the primary focus to be on textures, patterns and a play on seasonal appropriate, muted hues of autumn.  I’ve begun this already by removing the blues and summer stripes and replacing them with chunky cozy cable-knits, plaids and faux furs.  Don’t already own a pillow cover stock or don’t want to spend a lot of money on new ones? Check your local consignment stores.  The ones in my area have been carrying Fall items now for nearly a month and the best part about these stores is you can take your unwanted, re-sellable items, make profit and use it towards merchandise in their store. EASY and CHEAP! The pillows in the photos below were all from TJ Maxx and at VERY reasonable prices.

Textured Pillows

Saving my favorite for last; FREE printable art.  Oh what a game changer this little discovery has been for me.  In the Spring, upon deciding to play with greens and blues in my living area, I saw some of the prettiest green botanical art online. It was way more than I wanted to spend on something that would only be used a few months out of the year.  So, I did a quick internet search and Voila!  To my wonder and surprise, I discovered several sites that offer unique and beautiful printables. Again folks, Game.  Changer.  I knew for Fall that I wanted simple black and white vintage botanicals. Here’s what I chose for my living area.  You can see the bright fuchsia crape myrtles in full bloom outside my window. Hence, why I struggle to let go of Summer and transform the indoors into Autumn.


Free Printabel Botanical Art

Cozy Living Room

Free Printable Art

I personally prefer to use photo quality paper for mine but have also used plain copy paper and been happy with it too.

Stay tuned because as this favorite season of mine is reflected throughout my home as the weeks pass. I’ll also be sharing more simple and savvy ways you can add Autumn elements to yours!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Here is the link to the site I used…

Free Printable Botanical Art




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