About Me

Hi! I’m Selena. Thanks for stopping by.

My name is Selena, born and raised in a small town in Virginia where my husband and I built our own home 8 years ago. My love of all things Home and decorating began in the basement of my childhood home where I would spend hours with my Barbies. It was never so much about the dolls themselves that I loved, but their houses that I decorated time and again. Sometimes making additions to Barbie’s dream home with cardboard boxes. My passion for home décor only grew as I did. Very recently, after much prayer, along with my husband’s support, I decided to pursue a lifelong dream of beginning my own decorating business; trading in my heels and dress clothes for a business plan and new comfy attire. While I thoroughly enjoy helping others transform their own houses into homes, I must say my heart belongs to my own Home.