Christmas Home Tour

Welcome!  Here in the South, we say “Come on in!” to our guests and today, that’s precisely what you are.  A guest in my home.  So grab a seat, a warm drink and let’s get started.

Let me start off by sharing that for the past 3 Christmas’ my goal has been to simplify things.  Décor, gift giving; attempting to savor and cherish the Season as opposed to Christmas’ past.  Hustle and bustle, stress; and then just like that.  It’s over.  And I forgot to enjoy it.

This being the third year at attempting to change my old ways of doing this favorite Holiday of mine, I think I may have made some real  progress this go round.

Starting with my main living area I decided to stick with the same color palette that this room sports year round.  Black, shades of white and tan.  I’ve been playing around with mixed metals lately and so for Christmas gold was my metal of choice to really play on.  Adding in touches of it here and there add an extra element of texture and interest.

Holiday Home Tour Middle Sister Design

Christmas Mantel Middle Sister Design


Using these antlers as stocking holders wasn’t planned and sort of happened by accident and I’m glad it did!  They are perfect here.  Also,  I’ve developed a shop this post for your convenience at the bottom of this article and you’ll find links to these as well as many other items you’ll see throughout my home tour.


Christmas Mantel-Middle Sister Design


In keeping with the simple theme, I chose not to change out my entire shelf décor but instead add simple touches of Winter to it.  I can not express the level of satisfaction simplifying things this way has brought me.  If you too are looking for ways to make statements but without the stress of totes and totes of Christmas stuff to find homes for, my first piece of advice is to scale back on the knick knacks.

Adding fairy lights to my cloche collection, filling a jar with jingle bells, a few trees of different texture and height and woodland animals ties in nicely and so effortlessly in this space.  Oh, and let’s not forget about to mention the little white houses which I also lit with fairy lights.  The nighttime glow of this corner is nothing short of magical and sheer coziness.


Simple Christmas Decor-Middle Sister Design


The remainder of the great room décor is non fussy, simple touches of Winter.  Trees of different textures, gold bells, (I’m obsessed with these gold ones strung on rope!) and pine cones.  Candles which are lit every night.  The metal luminary candle holders are my favorite and are something I’ve had here in this space for months.  The ambience they provide, absolutely stunning.


Cozy Christmas-Middle Sister Design


In the stairwell, I chose live garland.  While it’s early in the Season and I’m certain I’ll regret this decision when faced with the mess that is surely to come with removing this in a few weeks, I definitely don’t regret putting it here at the present time.  I love the texture something so simple adds here.


Christmas Home Tour-Middle Sister Design


About the tree.  Three years ago we chose to go with a real tree.  Frazier fir to be exact.  It has been so nice searching for the perfect tree, bringing it home and surviving getting the thing set up without hating one another in the end.  😉


Christmas Home Tour-Middle Sister Design


This is my first year not using the very large collection of Keepsake and nostalgic ornaments.  Being a new Empty Nester, the idea of taking that bittersweet stroll down memory lane just wasn’t appealing to me.  I found a new way, to mark a new Chapter, of trimming the tree and I decided that I’d have fun with it.  Lots of texture with several types of garlands, including a paper chain that took way longer to put together than I’d like to admit.  That is one craft I don’t ever foresee myself deeming as a good idea ever again.  🙂


Christmas Home Tour-Middle Sister Design


Lots of gold stars and jingle bells, classic white balls, and little pops of black complete the look I was going for.

This evening I’m hosting a small dinner party with friends.  My Buffalo Chicken Chowder will be the perfect appetizer for these pretty little bowls. Recipe coming next week! Origami birds used as name cards mark each persons place setting.  Fur, lots of gold, branches painted white and strung with twinkle lights and more of those pretty little paper chains provide a simple yet elegant and intimate tablescape.  Perfect for a dinner party of 4.


Holiday Home Tour-Middle Sister Design

Christmas Tablescape-Middle Sister Design

Christmas Tablescape-Middle Sister Design

Christmas Tablescape-Middle Sister Design



In my bedroom, I wanted cozy.  I made the star garland from wicker stars found in the Target Dollar Spot.  Stringing them onto black and white bakers twine and adding a strand of twinkle lights took a mere 5 minutes and definitely makes a bold statement against that shiplap headboard.  Lots of fur and black and white plaid were all this space needed to be Winter ready.



Cozy Christmas Bedroom-Middle Sister Design

Cozy Christmas Home Tour-Middle Sister Design

Cozy Christmas Bedroom-Middle Sister Design



This little nook here is my newest favorite place to sit and read and to watch the birds eat from the feeders I’ve placed in the tree directly outside this window. My husband likes this new setup because “It’s a great chair for putting on my shoes everyday.”  Funny how differently we think.  I see a cute little new chair that fits a perfect cute little nook, he immediately finds a practical reason for having such a nook.  Fine by me.  I get a new chair and a new space to decorate.  He gets a place to put on his shoes.  Check.  Check.  😉


Cozy Corner-Middle Sister Design


That perfect wooden art piece is from Christi with Freedom Designs.   I just love the character it adds to this part of my room.  Be sure and check her out over on Instagram.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Home Tour!  Be sure and check back for that Buffalo Chicken Chowder recipe.  It is my favorite and I have a feeling it will be one yours as well.

As promised, below is a link to MUCH of the products I’ve chosen to use in my home.  If I couldn’t find an exact replica for some, I made sure to find a similar product for you!

Until next time,

Selena XO




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  1. Would love to know where you got your shelfing unit that is on each side of your fireplace or are they custom made?

    1. Hi Jill! Thanks so much for visiting! My husband and I built the shelving. I do plan to provide some simple instructions for these in the New Year. Thanks again for stopping by. I hope you will come back!

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