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It’s been exactly two weeks since I posted my 3 simple suggestions for easing into the fall decorating during the last days of Summer.  If you missed that post you can catch it HERE. I talked then about my bittersweet feelings of Summer’s end.  While I adore Fall, I find it so difficult to get into the spirit of Autumn with 90 degree days still among us.

If you follow me over on Instagram, you most likely already know that I have a mild obsession with houseplants which developed in the Spring of this year.  That being said, using greenery in my Fall décor this year was a no-brainer.

My favorite and FREE way to start easing into Fall is to clip foliage from the trees in my yard that have begun to turn beautiful shades of Autumn and make beautiful bouquets from them. I shared it over on the ‘3 EASY and Budget-Friendly Ways to Ease Into Fall Decorating’ as well.  Just as I’d hoped, those branches lasted until this week, with frequent water changes.  With the official start of the Season only 6 days away, it seems more appropriate to completely Fall-ify my home now.

Starting with the exterior of my home, I chose to go with lots of color this year, while still incorporating all the luscious greenery.

Fall-Front Porch-decor

Fall-Front Porch-Decor

Mixed metals are a favorite of mine so I chose copper pots for my mums  and small galvanized buckets for kale plants.  Cabbages and Kales also happen to be favorites of mine used for ornamental planting this time of year. For the copper pots I simply used Rustoleum’s hammered copper spray paint from Lowe’s.

Inside, I chose to keep things simple.  Using primarily natural elements, textures, patterns and muted hues of Autumn color.

Fall-Living Room-Decor


Fall-Living Room-Decor

Fall-Living Room-Decor

On the mantel, I simply snipped a few green branches from my maple trees.  If you’re thinking of trying this, I used the small tubes used for a single flower filled with water. You can find these at most any craft store.  The water will have to be changed a few times before the leaves will wilt but that’s ok.  There is NO shortage of trees here! A darker green pumpkin and boxwood wreath completed this space and the multiple shades-of-green look I was going for here.



For the remainder of the room a few sprigs of multi-colored foliage and some green gourds and mini white pumpkins. Plaids, shades of gold, chunky cozy cable knits…..Again, simple.

Fall_Living Room-Simple-Decor

In the dining area I chose to have a little fun.  I love my reclaimed barnwood table naked throughout the year.  At times a simple centerpiece for a special occasion. While browsing a cute little Farmstand though, I imagined a pretty tablescape with the multitude of green produce surrounding me.  I was there for pumpkins and gourds.  I was a little nervous that what I’d visualized there, standing at that market, wouldn’t come together the way I had hoped.  However, I decided to go for it. I chose artichokes, acorn squash, mini white pumpkins and pears, brought it all home and this tablescape came together in less than an hour.  Simple.




For a centerpiece greenery had to be the star of the show, of course.  I chose silver dollar, seeded and traditional eucalyptus and added in Dogwood branches from my yard to add the pop of Fall color.

I had this copper wire I’d bought some time ago from Home Depot.  I had never found a use for it until I pulled out some green candles for my table at were just a little too plain.  So I made these simple little copper pumpkins to adorn them.  The wire is very easy to shape. I have since thought of many more uses for this stuff!


For my pumpkin shaped pumpkin pies I simply used a cookie cutter and a store bought pie.  Easy peasy.  And perfect for a little dessert and cocktail party. I’ve always been a rule breaker and well, dessert before dinner? Forks on the “wrong”side because the lighting was better on the left to show off pretty napkins? Heck yeah. That’s how I roll.  Orange spiced Moscow Mules with a side shot of amaretto were the perfect companions for pumpkin pie. Mmm Mmm.


Those Moscow Mules? Next week, here on the blog, I will be sharing my recipe for what I consider THE perfect Fall-inspired version of this favorite, classic Summer-time favorite cocktail!  So be sure and sign up to receive email notification of my posts so you won’t miss it!

And remember the branches from my post a couple of weeks ago?  I popped off several of those leaves, which preserved perfectly, and threw a few of those into the mix as well.  Why not, right?

This little nature-inspired tablescape will be perfect for taking me into the Season and easing the pain of Summer’s ending.


Fall-Dining Room-Decor


Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed my Fall Home Tour and gained some inspiration or even better, are now in the Fall spirit despite the warm temps!

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