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Confession. I’ve never been a huge fan of Halloween. I know, I know.  It’s a fun one and I don’t necessarily dislike it, really.  My issue isn’t with the Holiday itself but that in years past I’ve struggled with finding a way to decorate for it in a way that I liked.  How in the world can you take ghoulish and creepy and make it beautiful?  Halloween wasn’t intended to be prissy or pretty.  The majority of the décor that’s sold just doesn’t appeal to me and so it became the one Holiday I just couldn’t bring myself to even put a real attempt into decorating for.

My oldest sister has such a knack for dressing her own home for this Holiday in such a tasteful and downright adorable manner.  She’s my primary source of inspiration for this new found love of Halloween décor.  I think what I’ve created will make her proud.  This one’s for you, Heather.

This year’s décor almost didn’t happen.  This blog post wasn’t scheduled and to be honest, the day was sneaking up on me.  Wasn’t it only 2 weeks ago that I was blogging about Easing Into Fall Decor during the last dog days of Summer?! I was fully prepared to just skip right over this day and not so much as place one Jack O’ Lantern out.  My only child is grown and so I could easily get away with this.  Last week though, I decided on a whim to try my hand at a tablescape that was both spooky and pretty.  Last year was my first real attempt at a more neutral palette, Pottery Barn Inspired Halloween decking of the halls.  I’d bought a slew of skulls at my favorite consignment shop last year and another haul from the after Halloween clearance sections.  When I opened my Halloween tote, I discovered a few other clearance items I’d forgotten.  Isn’t that always so exciting?! So I got to work on a simple but somewhat sophisticated tablescape.

My plan was to primarily use items I already owned to create an inexpensive, pretty but spooky scene. My only new purchases were some Dollar Store and JoAnne Fabric clearance Items. I was so much fun and I threw this together in a little over an hour. It took me longer to capture the perfect photos than it did decorate. *insert rolling of the eyes.*

Here’s what I came up with!



I started with pumpkins that I purchased from Joanne.  When I saw them in the store, I immediately envisioned this tablescape.  The addition of the skeleton rats would be just the spooky element I wanted while keeping the remainder somewhat elegant.





The branches were purchased from Fresh Market weeks ago that I’d brought home and allowed to dry.  Using them for Halloween wasn’t in my plan when I purchased them but their squiggly, wild manner spoke to me.  I have a thing for branches and other natural elements spread throughout my home.  For over 10 years it’s been the one constant thing in my ever changing décor.  The visual interest they provide in just about any space adds such dramatic focal points.  They didn’t disappoint here. The stumps were cut from an old dying tree on my in-laws property years ago.  I’ve used them for multiple vignettes or tablesapes over the years.  I recently bleached them though and seriously.  Could they be any more perfect for this display?  Next week I’ll be sharing how I did this as well as my technique for bleaching pinecones.



Using dainty gold embroidered napkins from Pier1 Imports adds the elegant element that I was going for here.  Keeping it fun and in the Halloween spirit, I topped my place setting off with skulls.  Mission Accomplished.  Sophisticated AND Spooky.  🙂


The chalkboard message informs guests of the menu.



I absolutely Love the ambient glow the sunset creates this time of day in my home.  It definitely sets the perfect scene for this particular tablescape.


Crazy bats have taken up residence here so why not make a stew from them?  😉



And what Halloween dinner party would be complete without some tasty Bats Blood with the entrée?


Since finding my own personal style of décor for this Holiday, I’ve discovered skulls are my favorite to incorporate.  And with gold being me newest obsession trend, well finding gold skulls?! Yes Please!!



If a neutral palette, tone on tone decorating aren’t your personal style choice, I hope I’ve provided some ideas here that you will incorporate into your own homes!

Thanks so much for visiting and I hope you receive more Treats than Tricks this year!!  Happy Halloween!!

Until next time,


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