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If you’re like me, my last minute gifts are usually for the men on my list.  Keeping with tradition, it was no different this year.  The good thing?  I think more creatively under pressure and in the past have gotten some pretty great gifts for my Mister just in the nick of time.  If you’re still in a pinch, have no fear!  I am here to help.  And you still have time to order and receive before Christmas!

I’ll provide a brief summary below but direct links are provided at the bottom of this post for your convenience.



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1.  Every man needs a good rain/snow boot.  Typically this style boot is heavy and uncomfortable but not these babies.  The shearling lining will keep his feet warm and the rubber and leather construction will keep them dry.  And with a waiting list a mile long for the LL Bean, why not Sperry?  I can vouch for this brand’s durability and comfort.  I love mine and so does my Mister!

2.  Ok.  Let me tell you a little about this flashlight.  My husband has this one and to him, it’s like he’s 5 and this is his favorite toy.  Don’t let the compact size and lightweight design fool you though.  This bad boy provides some serious light!  It’s focusing ability is amazing to be quite honest, I have enjoyed this one just as much as he.

3.  For the well groomed, product adventurous man on your list Birchbox Man is a no-brainer.  For $20 a month he will receive a box with 5 products picked just for him.  Sometimes one of those may even be nice socks or t-shirts.  Cool right?!

4.  My Mister enjoys carpentry and has built much of the furniture in our home.  He could not do any of it without his Kreg Jig .  This is a staple for any man who is looking to get started in even the most simple carpentry work.  This kit I’ve provided in my link below is the Mack Daddy of Kreg Jig Kits.  If this is above your price range, Overstock offers MANY more options  at lower price points.  I like this one simply because it comes with so many of the gadgets that pair with the Kreg Jig.  These additional items can always be added later, for Birthdays and future Cristmas’ if you decide to opt for the less pricy, Kreg Jig only option.

5.  2 years ago I decided, last minute of course, to surprise my husband on Christmas morning with his very own Beer Brewing Kit.  I have never seen him so excited about a gift. Like a boy with his very first Chemistry Set, he got started making his very own brew the next day. This kit is SO EASY and provides very detailed specific instructions.  To this day, my Mister still uses this kit.  The PERFECT gift for the Craft Brewery lover on your list!!


Now, what are you waiting for?!?!  You still have time to order for Christmas delivery so get to Shopping!! 😉


Until Next Time,

Selena XO


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