How To Mix Decor Styles Effortlessly

Being someone who has loved Home Decor for as long as I can remember, I recognize that I have an eye for visually pleasing placement of objects, furniture layout,  color schemes etcetera.  There is one thing though that even I struggle with and that is MPSD-Multiple Personality Style Disorder. 😉

I have always had a great appreciation for the various decor styles.  It wasn’t until the past year or so though that I’ve focused on combining all of the styles I love most into our home.  I have been asked by followers over on Instagram as well as by clients “how do you manage to mix all those styles and it not look cluttered or ridiculous?”  I’m not going to lie.  The first few times someone said this to me I thought “hmmm, they’re just being nice.”  But then that same comment kept coming up.  And so I thought.  I need to write a post about this.  Apparently, there are lots of you who suffer from MPSD, like me. So I’ve compiled a short list of steps I’ve taken to achieve this cohesive mix.

While I love the eclectic look, I do not necessarily consider my home eclectic.  I have mixed in this style as well but again, I want a nice mix of the styles I love.

The first step is to pick an overall color palette.  And as scary as it sounds to some, that base should be neutral.  Tans, whites, creams, grays and even blacks.  With  a neutral background, it is SO easy to build off of.  So you’ll want to pick paint colors, furniture, rugs and bed linens with neutrals in mind.  Once the foundation has been set this way, it’s time to start styling.

A little over a year ago I began a major style overhaul on my entire home.  You can see some Before and Afters here.  I began by decluttering and simplifying.  Once I felt I had a nice neutral palette I then donated or sold any and all decor that I didn’t absolutely love. What I have found most interesting in this quest is that the less stuff I have, the more room I have to mix in any style I wish.


If you want to style your home using elements of several different styles it is important to not overdo any one certain style.  For instance, if you add too many Farmhouse elements, then add in one or two modern elements, those modern touches will appear out of place.  On that same note though, you don’t want too little of a certain style either.  Decorating with several styles requires a balance.  A perfect harmony of differing items  living together in one space.

For instance, I chose to add touches of modern, on trend gold elements into my home.  I made certain to add a lamp in two places of this room, opposite one another. This ensures that no one area of the space plays on this element more than another. I did the same with gold pillows.  Only one on the sofa, as to not bring too much attention to this metallic there, and one opposite the room in a chair.   Again, delicate flow is so important.

Driftwood isn’t random if a few pieces are added in on a shelf somewhere else in the room.  Rule of thumb, pairs or threes of anything are ALWAYS best.


Thirdly, you will want to focus on colors.  When choosing an accent color, or colors, it is easiest to do so through pillows, throws, small decor items and even smaller rugs layered atop a larger area rug.  You want to draw the eye to the accent colors however you do not want the color to overrule the room.  Keeping your display of color subtle yet eye catching prohibits a space from feeling too busy.



One last piece of advice.  Be sure and keep in mind the advice of the wonderful Nate Berkus.  A home should tell a story.  Your home should be a place of rest, a sanctuary.  It should be filled with the things you love and items that tell the story of you and your family’s journey.  For example, I have a rock pile, driftwood, wine corks, plants from my grandmother….. these items tell my story.  Stories of vacations and rocks taken from many beaches around the world.  Corks popped from a special celebration.  Look around, do you have something that wasn’t purchased but is special to you and you’d like to display?  Do it.  This is what a truly well-dressed home is all about.

Once getting into the development of this post I decided that it would be one that I can build of off and add to from time to time.  With the basic first steps out of the way, what questions do you have for me?  What would you like to know more about on this topic?  I love hearing from you guys!  The emails I get from you seriously make my day and I love giving you advice on your all you decor questions.  So keep ’em comin’!

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