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As promised, I’m providing Gift Guides each week, leading right up to those last days before Christmas.  Of course those last days before can be quite hectic and we’ve ALL been in the situation where 3 days before the big day we realize “OH NO!!! I forgot such and such!!”  But no worries, because I will be there to get you through it.  And trust me, my gift buying is simple, smart and savvy.  Same as my décor style! 😉

This guide is sort of a combination between what I MYSELF have on my list for Santa and what I’d buy for just about any woman on my list.  That’s how I’ve always shopped for the ladies.  I think “What would I really like to receive?”  When it comes to gift giving, especially at Christmas, practical gifts are always on the forefront of my mind.  When compiling my own wish list, I like to ask for things that will be useful but that I’ve been too savvy to buy myself.

But don’t be mistaken!! I am providing several fun unnecessary items in this guide too!  Because I mean c’mon, even Mrs. Simple Smart and Savvy enjoys the impractical at times too!  😉

So without further ado, allow me to get to the point.  That’s what you’re here for anyway right?!  I will provide a very short description, and why I love it but if you merely want to see the links to the items, no worries.  They are provided in an easily scrollable, clickable link at the bottom of this post.

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1.  I’m starting with the item I am currently most obsessed with.  Marble Pastry Boards. This beauty  from Williams Sonoma in particular happens to be the one I’ve had my on for a bit.  I love the more practical size of it but if Santa were to bring me this fabulous larger one, well let’s just say I wouldn’t be one bit disappointed.  These pastry boards aren’t just practical, they are also a great piece to display in any girls’ kitchen. Marble is a hot ticket item in trends currently and that’s fab, but let me tell you about why this is handy.  I don’t claim to bake fresh bread often. Well, actually, there was a time when sour dough was made here weekly, but my waistline (or the lack thereof, he he 😉 ) begged me to just stop.  Stop it.  However, I do from time to time enjoy making my own pizza dough and marble’s ability to stay cool while kneading dough is perfect!  So see, practical and useful.  Check, check.

2.  Next up is this Vintage Style Clock  I received as a gift from my Mister several years back.  It is such a perfect little piece and I decided when it was given to me that it would make a great gift for just about anyone.  Timeless, classic yet trendy, and useful.

3.  Have you ever tested out the various Coffee Makers while visiting Williams Sonoma?  If not, you’ve been missing out.  And while they’re all pretty fantastic, this one is my go to choice for sipping while browsing that fabulous place. It is the perfect gift for the coffee lover on your list.

4.  I recently discovered Pier 1 Imports selection of LED candles and the thing I love most is not just their realistic flame flicker but the fact that they work off of remote AND are dimmable as well.  I’ve had them planned for the gift guide since finding them weeks ago.  I’ve chosen these basic white ones but they have many more to choose from!  Pair them with a set of pretty candle holders and you’ve got yourself a gift that is sure to be enjoyed.

5.  With using my computer more and more these days, and quite honestly despising using a desk, kitchen table or anything of the like, (a pillow is my first choice-but overheating is a huge problem!)  I’ve decided to add a lap desk to my own wish list this year.  After a very extensive search for something both aesthetically pleasing as well as functional, I finally decided on this bamboo one. I love the functionality of the design and that it doubles as a breakfast tray!  One of my favorite weekend luxuries is breakfast in bed and we’ve been needing a new tray.  Hope Santa is reading this post.  😉

6.  Every woman deserves a little pampering.  The Spa isn’t for everyone, so a quick and easy gift I like to give to encourage one to pamper herself at home are masks.  Relaxing with a cup of tea in hand and my favorite show on is the perfect time to pamper myself a little and this mask has been my absolute favorite for years now.  Of all the masks I’ve sampled, this one is hands down THE BEST and worth every penny for the soft, detoxed feeling it leaves my skin.  I love giving this one as a gift and everyone has always been so grateful for my introducing them to it.

7.  I haven’t been blogging long enough to have shared yet  that I am a beauty product enthusiast.  While Interior Styling is my first passion, beauty and fashion don’t fall far behind.  My most favorite gift I’ve ever given myself is my monthly Birchbox subscription.  While there are several beauty box subscriptions to choose from these days, Birchbox is the only one that provides not only high end makeup and skincare product samples but also high end, quality hair products as well.  I love the selection that I receive each month and the pretty little box it comes in is similar to receiving a gift in the mail every month.  And then I get to play with the products and if I love them, purchase the full size.  I’ve gifted this to many ladies and they’ve all loved it.  Birchbox offers several different options for gift giving as low as $30 and right now there’s even a 20% off code (GIFT4ALL) for the 6 and 12 month gift subscriptions!  Click here for direct link to the gift subscription page.

8.  Let’s talk jewelry.  I have a few staples that I wear daily, two being bracelets that my husband has given me.  I LOVE simple, yet statement making, eye catching jewelry that pairs just as well with jeans and a t-shirt as it does with heels and dresses.  I seldom don’t have on a necklace.  While I wear statement pieces frequently, a simple little number is a staple in any lady’s repertoire.  I am currently loving the druzy stone trend and this one from Kendra Scott, oh swoon, just swoon.  This would definitely be a nice one that would go with any outfit, any day of the week.

9.    I needed to add this book.  Whether the lady on your list loves home décor or not, this book is a must for ALL women to read.  The inspiring story of Chip and Joanna’s journey to where they are today is nothing short of the very best one I’ve read.  There’s lots of humor and trust me, just downright entertaining.  She will love you for gifting this one to her!

10.  Yes, I was serious when I said I was obsessed with marble.  I’ve been collecting cake stands for years and while I’d really like to add this one to my collection, I would most definitely gift it to any of the ladies on my list.  Another great staple, both classic yet trendy and timeless.

11. So, let’s picture this.  Me, with my Cuppa Cuppa Tea mask, candles lit, fresh dough just rolled on my pastry stone (pizza in the oven), wearing my beautiful new druzy stone Kendra Scott necklace, a pretty cake on my new cake stand,  a cup of creamy espresso in hand, lap desk used for eating that delicious homemade pizza, reading my book, new polish or some other wonderful product from my Birchbox AND wrapped in THIS super soft and cozy terry robe (and it’s monagrammable!).  Stop it.  Santa, PLEASE!!! I promise I’ve been good all year! 😉

I hope you’ve found my gift guide helpful!  And please, if you happen to run into Santa or any of those sneaky little elves, will you point him HERE?! 😉

Until next time,

Selena XO



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