Simple Smart and Savvy Decorating

Simple, Smart and Savvy.  It’s my motto and for good reason.

First off, this blog post is a week overdue.  For two reasons.  It started out as a very long, detailed, full of tips and photos post.  I was nearly done with it when I decided to make it a two, possibly three-part sequel.

I’ve always been a simple girl. Fussy, complicated or over-priced décor stress me out.  I find it rewarding to replicate a pricier look on a super savvy budget and in the most  simplistic way possible.  It makes me feel smart.  🙂   These things being said, in this first of its sequel, I’m sharing with you a few of my favorite ways to decorate with champagne taste but on a beer budget.

Oh, and the second reason this post is a week late?  Last Friday was my 10 year wedding Anniversary and the Mister surprised me with a trip to DC.  I put everything else on hold, even unplugged and savored every moment of our special weekend.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Tip #1 – Bedding

This was a special request from a dear Instagram friend. This one’s for you, Jocelyn. 😉

One thing I love about a stay at a nice Hotel are the luxurious bed linens.  Have you ever noticed the various layers of textures and attention to detail that goes into the beds at 4 and 5 star hotels?

Speaking of which, the Fairmont Hotel in Washington DC where we stayed last weekend was absolutely lovely. If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend this Hotel. The staff delivered complimentary chocolate covered strawberries and champagne to our room upon our arrival.  I just have to share with you. 🙂

Champagne and Strawberries

Ok ok, back to the topic at hand…..

Years ago I made the decision to add an extra layer of texture to the foot of all the beds in my home.  Not only is this added layer aesthetically pleasing but doubles as an extra layer of warmth when necessary, particularly in the colder months.  There is just something so soothing about being able to pull up a fluffy comforter or blanket when the nights begin to get chilly. They’ve already begun to do so here in Virginia. However, the comforters or blankets at the foot of the beds are used primarily for looks.  This makes them easier to consign or sell elsewhere. Stay with me, I’m going to talk a little more about consigning.

Adding that extra layer makes a bed seem so much cozier, prettier and luxurious.  And such an extra layer doesn’t need to be pricy.

Here in my Master bedroom I used a linen comforter I found on clearance.  I searched and searched for the perfect inexpensive linen duvet or comforter. It took a while but when I found this one I did a happy dance.  And I love that it’s solid and light colored because I can use it as a duvet insert when I want change. (Tips for changing things often, and on a shoestring budget, are up next!)  I like to take textures to another level by adding in yet another layer with a throw tossed on top.

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

In my daughter’s room, I used a very inexpensive bedspread from Ikea folded into a fluffy duvet insert.  Again, the addition of the throw blanket adds another element of texture.

Modern Rustic Bedroom

In my guest bedroom pillows of various firmness and patterns as well as an assortment of materials such cotton and linen are topped off with a matelasse coverlet.  This variety gives this room the perfect luxury feel.  I want my guests to feel comfortable, cozy and pampered and so I pay a little more attention to detail and even splurge ever so slightly on bedding in this space.

Neutral Bedding

On the topic of guests, adding a garden stool and super soft bath towels by the shower or bath gives off that spa like feel that I love. Luxury soaps and other assorted bath product samples are lain out as well.  I’ll briefly discuss luxury soaps from Hotel stays.  Nicer Hotels put a lot of work and effort into choosing the proper, finer quality bath products for their guests.  They like for you to take them.  That’s what they are there for. Don’t feel cheap or sleazy for taking them home with you!  Display them in a pretty jar for décor or set them out as a little treat for your guests.


Tip #2 – Change

A topic I’m very passionate about.  I don’t live with home décor for extremely long periods of time.  I grow tired of bedding, decorative objects and placement of certain things.   A question I get asked often is how I afford to change things so frequently.  It’s simple actually.  I’m breaking this one down into a couple of categories for you.

Bedding.  Remember I mentioned above that I rarely use the extra comforter folded at the foot of the bed?  I also mentioned selling or consigning them.  Secret number one.  I never buy another comforter unless I’ve sold the one I’ve grown tired of.  Never.  Keeping this piece in great condition is the key to being able to resell it.  I have a favorite consignment store in my area that I’ve used for years to sell my unwanted décor.  It is a no brainer. Craig’s List, Ebay and Online Yard Sales are also great ways to rid the old and make extra money for new. This applies to most all decorative items as well.

Shop your own home. I love this one.  It’s so fun.  Moving items from one room and using them in a different makes the item feel new!  I frequently move things around.  Pillows are my favorite.  Taking one I rarely see in the guest bedroom or my daughter’s old room and bringing them to living area where I see it more feels like I went pillow shopping.

Pillow Covers.  These were a game changer for me.  They can be found in so many stores and are CHEAP!  Inserts are just as inexpensive and easily stored in linen closets along with folded covers.  Some of my favorite places to buy these covers are Hobby Lobby, Ikea, Amazon and H&M Home.  While shopping my own home, I always frequent my pillow cover collection.

Tip #3 – Window Treatments

I recently shared a story over on Instagram showing the before and after of a curtain change in my bedroom.  This was by far my most popular story.  I was sort of shocked by the amount of feedback! The most popular question I received.

“Do you intentionally buy your curtains too long?”

Why yes, yes I do.  Here are my reasons for this.  It gives the curtains a more luxurious, custom look.  While I may have expensive taste and adore the look of custom draperies, it just isn’t my thing.  I’m much too savvy for such.  So, when it comes to curtains, I buy the cheapest I can find and attempt to make them look more pricy and elegant than they actually are.  Starting with the length.  Here’s a look at those very popular curtains I shared on Instagram.

Modern Farmhoue Glam Bedroom

Not only does the excess length pooling on the floor make them appear to be custom and somewhat “glamorous”, but I take it a step further and add another layer of thick white curtains using a double bracket rod behind these.  Those are what I pull at night.  This also cuts back on the amount of handling of the prettier curtains.  And you guessed it, maintains their value and ability to resell!

People frequently ask. Why not blinds?  I love the ability to look out of a window without anything blocking the view.  This is another way to easily and inexpensively add that “designer” or more luxurious look.

Lastly, hanging curtain rods at the very top of the wall and several inches outside the frame will also not only make the windows appear larger but also won’t block any natural light or the view outside the window.

Here in my Living Area, I used the white Lenda curtains from Ikea. Cutting the tab tops off and replacing with drapery rings not only resulted in the more elegant and custom look I love, but take a gander at the illusion of larger windows this way creates. And again, provides such beautiful natural light!  With curtains this high, the drapery rings also allow the curtains to pulled easily for privacy.

Long White Curtains

Modern Rustic Home

I hope the tips I’ve provided in Part 1 of my Simple Smart and Savvy decorating series has not only inspired but hopefully sparked your curiosity for what’s to come in Part 2!  There’s so many more on my list to share with you!

As always, feedback is welcome and if I can answer any questions for you please leave them in the comment section below.

Next week’s topic is Halloween décor so be sure and sign up for your email reminder! Of course there’s tips on how to decorate for this Holiday inexpensively and easily!

Til next time,


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  1. The idea for draperies is one I have used. I always hang drapes almost to the ceiling and install the rod about 6″ past the window on each side. It looks great! Glad to know Im on the right track.

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